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The Conscious Leader Readiness Assessment has been developed by a team of FLOW’s survey experts, and an Industrial Psychologist, focusing on 9 major components of leadership that cultivate the inner development of a global leader, as part of the Master Leader Program, FLOW’s global flagship leadership program.

The Master Leader Program curriculum takes a three-pronged approach to learning: integrating neurological and behavioural science, social change, and self-awareness to transform the leader as a whole. Each module of learning is designed to develop your conscious capacities and capabilities to uplift your inner leadership game, your organisation, and communities you serve.

  1. Consciousness through the lens of Personal, Interpersonal and Professional Leadership
  2. Integral, Whole-person Development
  3. Self Mastery and Different Ways of Being
  4. Values Driven Leadership
  5. Leading with Heart 
  6. Conscious Leadership and Neuro-Change
  7. Embracing Difference and Finding a Sense of Belonging
  8. Peak Performance and Resilience
  9. Liberating Innovation and an Organisation’s Creative Intelligence.

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